Dryer Vent cleaning St LouisYour dryer vents can become combustible if there is too much buildup in them. This is one of the leading causes of dryer fire ignition, built-up lint in the dryer vent. Many fires that have been reported in St. Louis are as a result of improper ventilation and build up. Avoid a problem with a dryer lint fire by relying on MOST Air Duct Cleaning. It has been estimated that dryer lint fires account for more than $35 million in losses, annually. You can avoid being a part of this statistic by relying on us to clean your dryer vents.

Effective Dryer Vent Cleaning

In most cases, people do remove the dirt and lint from their lint trap before they reload their dryer. This is important and can help prevent a fire, however, lint can still get in between certain areas of the machine without your knowing it. Eventually, this lint will begin to buildup to so much that is has now become a threat to your safety. This buildup will then clog the vent and obstruct the airflow. This will lead to a fire that could have been avoided with proper dryer vent cleaning.

Signs of a Problem

You might not know what you should look for then it is likely that you won’t even bother to contact us to help with your dryer vent cleaning needs. That is why we thought we would let you know what signs you should pay attention to so that you can determine if it is time to have your dryer vents cleaned.

  1. If you touch the outside of your dryer and it is too hot to touch
  2. After completing a cycle and removing your clothes, they are hotter than normal
  3. The dryer shuts off automatically before completing a cycle
  4. When the dryer is on, the dryer wall vent hasn’t opened
  5. It takes your clothes much longer to dry than it usually does

While you may not notice any of these things occurring, you might still suspect that there is a problem that needs to be addressed with your dryer vent. This intuition is all that is needed to convince you to contact us to evaluate the situation. If there is a problem, our technician will find and explain it to you in terms that you can understand. They will immediately clean it, if necessary.

Effective Dryer Vent Cleaning

If you have been looking for a reliable and effective company in St. Louis to help with your dryer vent cleaning needs, then you have come to the right place, MOST Air Duct Cleaning. We are the most reliable and effective dryer vent cleaning service in the area, which is why our services are preferred. We offer a thorough cleaning of your vent and perform quality assurance to make sure that we didn’t overlook any area of the vent system. Don’t wait for a tragedy to occur before calling on us to help with your air duct cleaning needs. We act immediately and so should you!

Professional Vent Cleaning Services

There are some things that a homeowner can certainly do on their own, yet there are some things that they should rely on a professional service provider to handle, this is one of them. Cleaning your dryer vent is more serious than some people might believe. However, once you allow the professional team at MOST Air Duct Cleaning, you’ll see the value in allowing a professional vent cleaning service to perform the job for you. You often get the results that you want and avoid the misfortune of a fire.