St Louis Air Duct SealingAt MOST Air Duct Cleaning, we realize that most homeowners understand the importance of modern HVAC systems and upgrading their home insulation. However, they fail to understand the impact that their air ducts have on their home efficiency. It has been reported by the Department of Energy that most only benefit from 60 to 75% energy efficiency from their HVAC systems due to insufficient airflow from their air ducts. We specialize in air duct sealing to help optimize your HVAC systems efficiency. With a properly sealed duct system, it will lower your energy expenses and make your environment more comfortable.

Airflow Testing

The air that is used to heat and cool your home is being paid for out of your pocket. When it works correctly, the duct system will evenly distribute this air and the room reaches its intended temperature. If your air ducts have a leak or are blocked, your HVAC system will have to work harder to reach the desired temperature. A duct system with a leak can become too hot or too cold. This is why it might be necessary to run a test that will help our technician to determine if there is a leak and if so, where it is located. Our experts at MOST Air Duct Cleaning know how to thoroughly and properly seal your air ducts. Call for your test today.

Air Duct Sealing to Improve Efficiency

If there has been a problem detected in your air ducts, it will need to be sealed. We use a variety of sealants that are designed to properly seal the ductwork and eliminate the problem with air leaking through holes and gaps in your air duct system. When they have sealed these areas of your system then it will operate more efficiently, keeping the rooms in your home at a comfortable temperature.

Professional Duct Sealing Service

You might want to handle the job yourself by simply referring to some online videos. We see this all the time. The problem is that the reason we see this so often is that we are usually called upon to later perform the job of sealing up ducts that have been previously sealed. The sealant that was used didn’t work. If you want to be certain that the job is done right then it would be in your best interest to allow a professional duct service to provide you with the help that you need.

Affordable Air Duct Sealing Service

When you need to have your air ducts cleaned, you can always turn to MOST Air Duct Cleaning to handle the job for you. We will provide you with affordable air duct sealing services so that you can reap the benefits of your HVAC system. If air is escaping then you are not maximizing your system and getting the most from it. We are willing to work with our customers to ensure that you receive the help that you want and need at a rate that you can afford.